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Business consultant MJ Lasky says this of C2M:

“C2M Services is an EB-5 qualified enterprise that can be likened to a ‘mutual fund’ or a ‘mall’. A mutual fund is as profitable as the portfolio of Companies selected. A person who invests in a mutual fund, benefits from the variety of companies selected and is protected with an equity holding in each of the companies. C2M is similar in process, as they select qualified Companies with strong business models and receive security in that company for the payroll disbursed by C2M and its EB-5 members. C2M’s collateral is collected from each and all Companies, and each EB-5 investor has a secured position collateralized provided by all the Companies.

As a shopping mall’s value and profitability is derived by the sum of all the Stores comprised in the mall, C2M’s value of cash flow, security and profitability is measured by its Client Companies."

Q: “How does C2M provide the USCIS EB-5 requirements of job creation?”

A: Group Job Creation: 11 New Jobs per EB-5 Investor

C2M Services is an EB-5 Enterprise facilitating new jobs.C2M provides Client Companies with new HR Talent, Consulting, C-Suite Business Services. Exposure to risk is mitigated greatly with significant collateral required from each Client. 100% of the EB-5 funds will require an equal value of collateral as security. This may include real and intellectual property liens or similar collateral devises. New job hires are then served by means of “Client Service Agreements” (CSA) for “Group Hiring”.

  • Each EB-5 investment then provides 11 new-hires for a qualified Client (one Group of 11).

  • Some Clients may want to engage more new-hires, but are always required to hire “Groups” of 11 (11, 22, 33,44 or more new-hires per CSA) For example, a single Client may elect to engage 5 EB-5 investors by means of “5 Group” hires, or 55 new job positions.

  • Individual EB-5 Investors fund one “Group” hire with $500,000.

  • Collectively, 30 individual EB-5 investors fund various Clients “Group” contracts; 11 new-hires per “Group”.

  • C2M offers cost reductions in the Client’s management, overhead, production, distribution, marketing,
    sales and other vital services.

  • Total EB-5 Investment pool: $15 Million (units of $500K)

  • EB-5 Equity Percentage and part-icipation in projected company profits*

  • Client Service Agreements allow buy-out condition in 7 years, return principal and earned interest

  • C2M Services provides EB-5 qualified direct job creation for qualified contracted Clients.

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