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C2M Services ©, LLC has representation with five different law firms which may serve foreign immigration clients. The process for applying can be explained in foreign languages as well as English.

Your application through the USCIS EB-5 program does not limit your choice of residency. Our C2M Services enterprise may be in Oregon, but you may elect to live anywhere in the USA.


The C2M EB-5 Enterprise Value - Answers to EB-5 Investors’ Questions

Q: “Is this EB-5 qualified and USCIS compliant?”

A: Yes, in fact C2M offers 110% of the USCIS direct job creation requirements (11 new jobs vs. the min. 10 jobs). In contrast, Regional Centers (RC) create 5 to 6 jobs and must defend their indirect economic impact studies to show the effect of 10 jobs.

Q: “Is this one investment?”

A: This is an investment pool with up to 30 EB-5 Investors and 15 to 30 Client companies, offering lower risks and higher security. In contrast, Regional Centers (RC) are typically one investment opportunity in one project.

Q: “Is this a secured investment?”

A: All EB-5 Investor funds are cross-collateralized with security by and from each C2M Client, equal to 100% or more of our funding.

Q: “Is the business profitable?”

A: Staffing is a growing and profitable business model and C2M projects strong and steady growth over the next 7 years.

Q: “Why is it called 'EB-5 Express'?”

A: The C2M model is a fast track with immediate start dates and fast track exit strategies tailored to each EB-5 Investor as they are ready. In contrast, Regional Centers (RC) require group bundling of Investors and can be stalled or delayed in starting up the project, so that all Investors are impacted.

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